Most Useful MS-Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

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MS-Excel is one of the most widely used software in every field these days. Everyone working in office requires to use MS-Excel to prepare various kind of tables, to do various data analysis, to prepare various charts etc.

Everyone is aware of some of the basic keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to paste, Ctrl+S to save etc. There are hundreds of such keyboard shortcuts in every Microsoft application. But is very difficult to remember each one of those.

Here is the list compiled for you which includes most repetitive tasks that every user has to do on MS-Excel. Knowing these keyboard shortcuts will make your life much easier while working on MS-Excel workbook.

Press One After Another

In these shortcuts, you don’t have to press the keys simultaneously. But press the keys one after another

Shortcut Keys Explanation
Alt+D+F+F Activate Filter. First row of the worksheet is considered as header row if now row is selected. If filters are already activated, then this shortcut deactivates the filter
Alt+D+F+S Remove all filters that applied in the table
Alt+D+P Open Pivot Table & Pivot Chart Wizard. If you have already selected required table, then just press enter thrice, pivot table will be created
Alt+O+C+A Auto fit the selected columns
Alt+H+B+A Apply border to selected cells/table
Alt+H+H Apply cell color. Navigate with arrow keys to select required color.
Alt+H+W Apply wrap text to selected cells
Alt+H+M+M Merge Selected Cells

Press Simultaneously

In these shortcuts, you have to press the given keys simultaneously.

Shortcut Keys Explanation
Ctrl+ PgDn Navigate to next worksheet of the same workbook
Ctrl+ PgUp avigate to previous worksheet of the same workbook
Ctrl+ DownArrow Move to next non blank cell of the column in downward direction
Ctrl+ UpArrow Move to next non blank cell of the column in upward direction
Ctrl+ Left Arrow Move to next non blank cell of the row in left direction
Ctrl+ Right Arrow Move to next non blank cell of the row in right direction
Ctrl+Shift+RightArrow Select all the cells in the row till nxt non blank cell in downward direction
Ctrl+Shift+DownArrow Select all the cells in the column till nxt non blank cell in downward direction
Ctrl+Space Select all cells of the column
Shift+ Space Select all cells of the row
Ctrl+Shift+ + Insert one row above the selected row. Or Insert one column to the left of selected column
Ctrl+ – Delete selected row OR Delete selected column
Ctrl+ 0 Hide selected row OR Hide Selected Column
Ctrl+F & Ctrl+H Open Find-Replace Menu
Ctrl+Alt+V Open Paste Special Menu


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  1. Sir, 2nd Feb.2019
    I liked very much and useful short cut keys and tips.
    Thanks and await to get more and new Excel tips and tricks.

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