This Magic Tool Will Translate Your Content into 100+ Languages Simultaneously

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We all are familiar with MS-Office tools such as MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint. Do you know Google has its own family of office tools called G-Suit. Yes, Similar to Microsoft, Google has its own office tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. Unlike MS-Office, Google tools are free web based programs which can be accessed using any Google account.

Google Sheets is a powerful web based program for creating and editing spreadsheets. These are online spreadsheets which can be saved into your Google Drive and you can access it from anywhere using your google account login. Google sheets are as powerful as Microsoft’s MS-Excel. It has all the functions like MS-Excel such as creating tables, using formulae, creating pivot tables, powerful lookup functions such as Vlookup, creating charts and graphs etc.

Google has made it more powerful by integrating with it some of its advanced tools such as Google Translate. Yes, you heard it right, Google Translate has been readily integrated with Google sheets making it ultra-powerful tool for translation services.

Using Google Translate function within Google Sheet, you can convert any sentence, paragraph stored within a cell into multiple languages simultaneously. You can translate a sentence, phrase, paragraph into 100+ world languages simultaneously . Oh, you don’t believe this? Just have a look at simple steps shown below which will blow your mind.

Login into your Google Account

You cannot access google sheets until you login into google.

Open Google Sheets

Search for google sheets and go to Google Sheets home page & open new blank sheet

Write Down Sentences that you want to Translate in different cells

Syntax for Google Translate Formula

Syntax for Google Translate formula is Very Simple

=GoogleTranslate(“text”, “source language code”,”target language code”)

For Example:

If you want to translate one sentence from English to Spanish, then syntax would be:

=GoogleTranslate(“text”, “en”,”es”)

Here, “en” is ISO-639-1 Code for “English” language and “es” is code for “Spanish” language.

Similarly, you can use any language code in target language to translate the sentence into that language.

Translate a Sentence into 11 different languages simultaneously

Now, let’s see an example where we will translate our sentences into 11 different languages simultaneously.

Here I have chosen to translate my sentences into Hindi, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Afrikaans & Arabic language.

Translate a Sentence into One Language First Using Google Translate Formula

Now write down Google Translate Formula for first sentence in the Cell B5 for Hindi Language.

Here you can see the arguments of the formula

  1. Text= A5 i.e. reference to the cell which needs to be translated.
  2. Source Language Code= “en”, i.e. language code for “English” as my sentence is in English.
  3. Target Language Code = B4, i.e. reference to the cell where language code for target language (Hindi) is stored

Here you can see, the Google Translate Formula has translated my sentence in to target language i.e. Hindi.

Now, Translate all Sentences into 11 different languages simultaneously

Now, just copy the contents of the cell B5 (Hindi translated sentence) and paste into all the cells of entire table between B5 to L9

All the sentences written in cells A6 to A9 will be translated into respective languages in cells B5 to L9.

Select Cell B5 and Copy (Press Ctrl+C)

Select Cells Between B5 to L9

Paste Google Translate Formula (Press Ctrl+P)

Whoa! All the 5 sentences are translated into 11 different languages in one go

This worked like a magic. You can use this feature to translate your content in 100+ languages in the world.

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Here are the ISO-639-1 language codes for 104 languages supported by google.

Sr No Language ISO-639-1 Code Sr No Language ISO-639-1 Code
1 Afrikaans af 53 Latin la
2 Albanian sq 54 Latvian lv
3 Amharic am 55 Lithuanian lt
4 Arabic ar 56 Luxembourgish lb
5 Armenian hy 57 Macedonian mk
6 Azeerbaijani az 58 Malagasy mg
7 Basque eu 59 Malay ms
8 Belarusian be 60 Malayalam ml
9 Bengali bn 61 Maltese mt
10 Bosnian bs 62 Maori mi
11 Bulgarian bg 63 Marathi mr
12 Catalan ca 64 Mongolian mn
13 Cebuano ceb (ISO-639-2) 65 Myanmar (Burmese) my
14 Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN (BCP-47) 66 Nepali ne
15 Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW (BCP-47) 67 Norwegian no
16 Corsican co 68 Nyanja (Chichewa) ny
17 Croatian hr 69 Pashto ps
18 Czech cs 70 Persian fa
19 Danish da 71 Polish pl
20 Dutch nl 72 Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) pt
21 English en 73 Punjabi pa
22 Esperanto eo 74 Romanian ro
23 Estonian et 75 Russian ru
24 Finnish fi 76 Samoan sm
25 French fr 77 Scots Gaelic gd
26 Frisian fy 78 Serbian sr
27 Galician gl 79 Sesotho st
28 Georgian ka 80 Shona sn
29 German de 81 Sindhi sd
30 Greek el 82 Sinhala (Sinhalese) si
31 Gujarati gu 83 Slovak sk
32 Haitian Creole ht 84 Slovenian sl
33 Hausa ha 85 Somali so
34 Hawaiian haw (ISO-639-2) 86 Spanish es
35 Hebrew he** 87 Sundanese su
36 Hindi hi 88 Swahili sw
37 Hmong hmn (ISO-639-2) 89 Swedish sv
38 Hungarian hu 90 Tagalog (Filipino) tl
39 Icelandic is 91 Tajik tg
40 Igbo ig 92 Tamil ta
41 Indonesian id 93 Telugu te
42 Irish ga 94 Thai th
43 Italian it 95 Turkish tr
44 Japanese ja 96 Ukrainian uk
45 Javanese jw 97 Urdu ur
46 Kannada kn 98 Uzbek uz
47 Kazakh kk 99 Vietnamese vi
48 Khmer km 100 Welsh cy
49 Korean ko 101 Xhosa xh
50 Kurdish ku 102 Yiddish yi
51 Kyrgyz ky 103 Yoruba yo
52 Lao lo 104 Zulu zu


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